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cmonopoly72 12-16-2006 12:50 PM

Titlebar gradient on XFCE 4.2
Hello everyone. I've been trying to put together a theme for XFCE 4.2 from various other themes. I would like to make a theme that looks something close to "classic windows" in XP. The one big difficulty I'm having is trying to get a gradient across the titlebar.
I've looked at the XFCE archives and tried Google but it hasn't been going to well. What I gathered was, it used to be (I think) that you could set an option in ~/.xfwm4 to enable titlebar gradients but, I think that doesn't work anymore. I think the new way is to create a gradient by making .png files. Wich I tried but didn't work too well either. Does anyone have any suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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