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omegazafer 06-28-2013 06:18 PM

The wonderful works which are done in linux but aren't easy in windows?
Hi friends,
I am studying on linux and wondering which works are easily done in linux but are not possible or very difficult on Windows?
When I investigate magnificient advantages of linux according to linux, I find generally advantages of being free, security, portability. These are very important but I am also finding small things easily applied in terminal. For example, finding file options are very improved. Grep command is very important we can find a file included any text as I know this is impossible in windows.
I think, to make order advantages of linux(more detailed included small things more than 100 advantages) are very important because when a linux user convinced any friend ,who is using windows, to use linux, showing these advantages will be very helpful.
Even a part may be openned in forum for these advantages.
By learning and using these advantages (may be small but nice and there is no in windows), new linux users can love quickly linux.
I want to see so much advantages to apply in my linux in some hours

Firerat 06-28-2013 08:35 PM

I can't do any better than this link

frankbell 06-28-2013 08:39 PM

Here are a few off the top of my head. These are just my opinions after over 20 years of Windows and eight years of Linux.
  • The Linux file structure is more rational.
  • In distros that use package repositories, installing and removing programs is easier and safer.
  • The command line, when you need it, is much easier to use in Linux than in Windows.
  • Having multiple workspaces or virtual desktops allows for better organization of open applications.
  • The variety of desktop environments/window managers allow the user to choose a GUI that meets his or her needs, workflow, and tastes. I tend to use Fluxbox or Enlightenment.
  • Bugs and security flaws get fixed much more quickly through the power of community collaboration.
  • Malware is generally not an issue (though a wise user still practices safe HEX).
  • Applications generally have a smaller HDD footprint that applications that perform similar tasks in Windows.
  • Menus are not full of the names of the programs' manufacturers, but get right to the point, making it easier to find what you are looking for.
  • Logs and system monitoring information are more easily accessible, making troubleshooting easier.

These are just a few that I've noticed.

Firerat 06-28-2013 08:49 PM

What a windows user may care about
  • how do I get on the internet
  • where are my favourites
  • can I keep my spider score
  • will my Pre-order of <insert latest FPS here> work

Some you can deal with, some you can't

It isn't really about what Linux can do that Windows Can't

It is What the Ex Windows User will still be able to do and what they won't.

LiveCD, have some fun
even better Virtual Machine for linux
If they like Linux they will stick with it, and eventually might want it on baremetal..

rokytnji 06-29-2013 12:15 AM

Easy. Install time. Hardware recognition in the kernel. Update timeline. Control of the operating system instead of the other way around.

Of course once you know what you are doing I guess. I can't expect a Winnebago lifetime user to get on a motorcycle chopper and just
kickstart it, let alone drive it.

Oh yeah

inxi, sgfxi,smxi are just a few things I can think of. Along with Conky.

Edit just another easy thing for Linux is

273 06-29-2013 03:19 AM

You can GREP in windows:
Truth be told a lot of things are now possible on the Windows command line that weren't a few years ago -- I've not been in a position to play enough to find out what exactly tough, sorry.
I agree with Firerat that when somebody changes OS it's more what they can still do and what they can't do that seems to bother them rather than any new benefits. For example I could tell you that converting some scanned images into a pdf in Linux is much easier with:

convert *.jpg document.pdf
but that's not really going to matter to somebody asking how to use iTunes...

omegazafer 06-29-2013 04:47 AM

Thanks for your replies ,
These advantages are very important but are not easy to prove these to unexperienced linux users and window users.
I want to see small part of advantages to apply easily and show someone easily. I study linux and want to improve myself in linux.
Step by step I want to study of each advantages in some hours which you write because of that advantages must be written more detailed in a small parts easly applied.

Virneto 06-30-2013 06:25 AM

I believe any beginner coming into Linux Universe should first be introduced to its fundamental difference, its core philosophy. The main difference that plays a central role is the philosophy that sustains, motivates and drives Linux! (Donít underestimate that!). Linux is free and lives/grows upon an open and collaborative philosophy. Just that should be enough to blow a beginnerís mind away.
Please start by searching and learning about Linux Torvalds.
After that you can go into the tons of other differences from Linux to proprietary software and you can easily start by the simple things, as you say, and you can also do it in the beginners perspective, so, lets say:

1 - How do I get the OS?
Linux -> You come here and see what are your options.
Others -> ???(you buy?? the one they say its the lattest??)

Note: on this one, remember to check the variety of options you get in each universe. Get it? ;)

2 - How do I install it?
Linux -> Wait, don't just install it right away!! There are live cds/usb so you can explore it to make sure you feel comfortable with this one! No one is rushing you into anything. When you feel good with it, then you can install it from the CD.
Others -> You buy it. (At least you should) ...

3 - Can I choose the software it comes with? Say media players, image viewers, file managers??
Linux ->Yes!
Others->No!(At least on installation no)

4 - What about installing software?
5 - What about security? (Go on and try try to brake each of them)
6 - What about development?
7 - What about efficiency? (Boy, one cannot forget to measure this one. Start with booting time.)
8 - What about stability? (Go one and measure the amount og bugs, freezes, knock outs your OS will give you)
9 - What about support? (Say, forums and people sharing [not selling] solutions for your problems)

I'm not really much inspired right now, which means this list can go on an on!!!
Bottom line is, in my perspective, Linux philosophy is shaping the future, So, after you start loving Linux for its obvious advantages upon other similar products, you'll start loving it for what it means!

ps.: I'm not saying you needed to hear all this, I'm suggesting that's the way you should structure an approach for beginners.
Best Regards!

Knightron 07-05-2013 09:55 AM

This is pretty insignificant, but it's something that i notice every time i have to use Windows, that drives me nuts.
Lots of Windows software have annoying popups. I'm sure you guys know what i'm talking about, 'this software is out of date' 'trial our premium software now'. Antivirus software is notorious for it.
I hate adverts on my television and radio and that's why i only watch downloaded/ripped video, and listen to my personal music collection and a little government radio. I sure as hell am not going to put up with adverts on my personal computers, if i can help it, (youtube pisses me off). I have never had to put up with that crap on Gnu/Linux.

273 07-06-2013 01:41 PM

If you use Firefox then AdBlock will remove adverts in YouTube videos -- it also removes adverts from the streaming sites of a couple of UK commercial TV channels (4OD and ITV Player for those in the UK). Well, I assume it's AdBlock doing it and not NoScript but I would recommend both anyhow so anyone who is willing to make the effort to make web browsing safer and more efficient.

Firerat 07-06-2013 04:22 PM

Off Topic but..
privoxy gets rid of ads on 4oD and ITV player

Privoxy can run on Windows, Linux and Custom Firmware routers ( like OpenWRT )

If I had to put a number to it, I would say it filters out 95% of ads.. But I just made that number up ( but you get the idea it will kill most ads )

Works on Ps3's 4oD and ITV player, just setup the PS3's Proxy to point at Privoxy

Knightron 07-06-2013 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by 273 (Post 4985302)
If you use Firefox then AdBlock will remove adverts in YouTube videos -- it also removes adverts from the streaming sites of a couple of UK commercial TV channels (4OD and ITV Player for those in the UK). Well, I assume it's AdBlock doing it and not NoScript but I would recommend both anyhow so anyone who is willing to make the effort to make web browsing safer and more efficient.

It must be adblock, because i've ran noscript for a long time. Adblock now comes with iceweasel on Debian, so it is installed on my main system now; but my internet is slow at the moment since install so i haven't had a chance to check out youtube. Thanks for letting me know though, that's interesting.

273 07-06-2013 08:38 PM

Oops, sorry, I meant AdBlock Plus though I suppose plain AdBlock will work if you block the sites responsible for the adverts.

omegazafer 07-07-2013 03:55 PM

Thanks your comments but I am sorry , I can't explain what I want to do for this advantages.
I am seeking something which is not general may be is programatic. It can be done in windows by some programs but it can be done in linux with some command lines without any extra program. Linux does it itself, for example I read forums and see something about process and programs.
It is said , We close one application or can put limit the number of openning of that program to any users.
Can we control processes more excellently for example We can stop ingoing data except from some declared areas in internet by using terminal command lines.
I mix subjects passing to one object to another because I am not expert in linux but you experts can understand me and give me some starting and studying points to investigate.
I am a programmer and like linux and want to do somethings which I do them with small programs in windows but in linux without any programs. I know that we can do a lot of things with scripts in linux but I don't know what they are and how they are made.
I will be waiting your helps and hope I explained a little about what my problem is.

Knightron 07-07-2013 09:08 PM


sudo zypper in libreoffice
Once connected to the internet, on Opensuse, the above command will install a full office suit.

The Windows equivalent procedure involves opening a web browser, searching 'libreoffice', navigating the website, downloading the .exe file. Once done, navigating in Windows explorer to the .exe file, and then opening it, and following the prompts to install.

Such one example. I'm not a Linux/Unix expert my any means. My example is a basic one, but others may have some more complex ones.

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