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Clemente 11-11-2008 01:02 PM

Strange remote logins after starting a gnome session
Hi all,

using Gnome as desktop for my Ubuntu machine, I configured several ssh (sftp) bookmarks. If I click on "Places"->"Bookmarks" I see some bookmarks for remote places. And if clicking one of them, a new mount appears and I can access the place with Nautilus.

Today I discovered, that
1) everytime I login into a Gnome session, there goes some network traffic to each server that is target to these bookmarks.
2) Reading the logfiles of some bookmarked servers, I found that at each time I login to my local Gnome, the remote servers get a successfull login, too.
3) And finally, if I run

ps aux
just after logging into Gnome, I find a line like the following for each remote server:

clemens 9903 0.0 0.1 4860 2092 pts/0 Ss+ 19:43 0:00 -oForwardX11 no -oForwardAgent no -oClearAllForwardings yes -oProtocol 2 -oNoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost yes -l REMOVEDUSERNAME -s REMOVEDHOST sftp

mount shows no remote mountpoint.

Concluding alltogether, some program does utilize my bookmarks for a remote login each time I log in into Gnome. I don't want anything logging into remote servers without my knowledge. ;-)

Does anyone know, what happens here?

Thanks a lot,

P.S: I am quite sure that this behaviour started with upgrading to Hardy Heron. But this is no 100% statement...

irishbitte 11-11-2008 01:57 PM

simply put, when you create the bookmarks, the gnome-keyring stores your user information. The virtual file system in ubuntu then checks at each login whether the mountpoint exists! I'm not sure how you would remove this, other than to create scripts rather than bookmarks to mount remote places.

An aside: The reason this is done, is to make ubuntu easier to use for non CLI users!

Clemente 11-11-2008 02:14 PM

Thanks a lot for answering!

So this behaviour is a feature... ;-) Not that beautifull for me, but at least nothing hostile.

Do you know how this should ease up GUI users life?
I see all bookmarks, those that are available and those that are not available - so this mechanism does not sort out the non-available bookmarkd.
What else does it do?


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