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Lord Hachton 06-21-2007 04:24 PM

Red Hat level 4 + Dell's optiplex = no working graphics driver?

This being my first post, i thought i would start out by saying that i am, in fact a novice at all things linux.

The problem:

Redhat Enterprise level 4 will not recognize any drivers. Only the generic drivers work. While this "works" i will be using this machine with programming as well as graphics work. So an 800 x 600 resolution is not optimal.

The equipment:
Dell optiplex 745c
Video: Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000

Attempted solutions:

I have searched, and been unable to find any working drivers for this system. the closest i have come to finding a driver was here:
Posted in post below due to forum regulations.

However, this driver does not seem to work, and considering it was for different distro's it was a shot in the dark to begin with.

I have also been to dell's driver/download section and tried finding systems with similar specs. This has also failed.

I was hoping maybe some more experienced Linux users could prod me in the right direction.

Remember, i am a fairly new linux user, so if you would explain things to me as you would to your mother it would be appreciated.

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