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deepumnit 12-27-2007 01:56 PM

Problems with Xfce and Gnome
Hello all:

I was just playing with my PC. I have Gnome running on Debian 'etch'. I installed Xfce, just for a change, but did not remove Gnome. A strange thing happened: Some of the folders in the directory /home/deepu/ were deleted. What is the reason behind this? I am worried. I have un-installed Xfce now. The problem is still there. I have put a screenshot of this. In this, as you can see, there is no "e-books" directory. But when I give the command as shown below, I get some output. From where did this come? This shows the exact location of the directory. The GUI says there is no such folder :confused:

Deepu :: locate e-books

Also, in the same screenshot, the emblems are missing. Previously (before installing Xfce), I had them.

The last problem and a major concern is: it uninstalled my Java RE! How and why did this happen? When I try to run Matlab, the output is:

Deepu :: matlab
Warning: Cannot locate Java Runtime Environment (JRE) . . .

        1. Either a correct JRE was not available for redistribution when
            this release was shipped, in which case you should refer to the
            Release Notes for additional information about how to get it.

        2. Or you have tried to use the MATLAB_JAVA environment variable
            to specify an alternate JRE, but MATLAB cannot find it.  Please
            run 'matlab -n' to determine what value you are using for
            MATLAB_JAVA and fix accordingly.
/home/deepu/matlab/bin/glnx86/MATLAB: symbol lookup error: /home/deepu/matlab/bin/glnx86/ undefined symbol: _XmTextIn_XmTextVEventBindings

I guess some path variables and all are missing. What is to be learnt from this?

deepumnit 12-27-2007 01:57 PM

Also, I am able to run Limewire which also depends on JRE!

moniker117 12-28-2007 02:36 AM

Hi deepumnit,

It sounds like whatever method you used to install xfce may have had some side-effects. Did you use apt? If so, do you have special repositories setup? Also, how was Java installed? Through apt as well?


deepumnit 12-28-2007 05:55 AM

I had everything running fine on my computer on Gnome before installing xfce. Well, I had installed java by downloading the packages from the java website. Anyway, how does that matter?

moniker117 12-29-2007 03:47 AM

Hi Deepak,

I don't know, if everything was there and working fine before you installed xfce, then it gets messed up after you install it, isn't it possible that whatever script was run to install xfce wiped out some path information and wiped out some folders? Packages and installation scripts from different sources may not necessarily play well together, that's the lesson that I would learn.


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