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Predatorian 09-20-2009 12:14 PM

problems playing dvds with custom built computer with 9.04
hello LQ'ers

i have been having this problem for a long time and i have not been able to fix it at all. i have followed the tutorials given by this site:

among other sites, and most of them are the same. when i use totem movie player, i get a permissions error, when i use xine i get "no input plugin available to handle 'dvd:/' maybe mrl syntax is worng or file/stream sources doesnt exist.". VLC wont even touch the video, and when i play certain .VOB files off the disk using totem, i can get choppy video that skips around, and no audio. is there anything i can do? my system specs should be on my profile.

Caballero del norte 09-30-2009 11:22 PM

There are two issues that pop into my mind:
  1. Regions
  2. Codecs

The codecs issue can be easily remedied by following the instructions on the help link that you referenced. If you are in the States, be advised that you could be breaking laws by using those codecs, unless you purchase them through an authorized distributor.

"Regions" though is a very different problem. Click on this Wikipedia link to learn about DVD region codes.

DVDs are sold to you to play in only one or a few "regions". If your DVD reader was sold in the US and the DVDs were bought in Europe or Japan, there is a difference in regions (1 and 2), and your reader possibly is restricted from playing the DVDs.

There are workarounds, see the Wikipedia link for some suggestions.

It is a crying shame that Digital Rights Management makes it impossible or difficult for people to travel around the world without having to buy new DVDs in different countries. DRM is simply entertainment companies' greed incarnate.

Good luck.

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