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Pedy 06-29-2007 02:12 AM

phonetic for Stardict
I've recently downloaded and installed "Stardict" and it's not bad. However it hasn't the features of Babylon (additionally: dictconv doesn't work properly for converting .bgl files).
But I can't enable phonetic displaying. I've googled for "phonetic for stardict" and nothing useful but 2 items that couldn't help me!

The first one was on zhyfly weblog which told to install "ttf-thryomanes" font and a Chinese dictionary (I thought telling about the dictionary is because of his language, Chinese; so I didn't install the dic! Cause I don't think that Chinese had any relevance with English phonetic!). And finally said:


at last we should choose this font in stardict as follows:
stardict phonetic symbol
But I don't even know what he means! The only work I could do was selecting "ttf-thryomanes" as default font in "Preferences".
Is "Stardict phonetic symbol" an option that I didn't see?!!

The next one was here which told to add "t" to "sametypesequence" in the ".idx" file. which I couldn't even open this file in editor!( I double-click on it and GNOME shows "couldn't display" and when I go to "gedit" and want to open it, gedit says that it seems to be a binary file an can not be opened!)
So I forced to try adding "t" to "sametypesequence" in the ".ifo" file of "quick_eng-persian" dictionary! And it causes Stardict to crach while running!!

I'm Using Parsix 0.85 with GNOME.
Note: in Google results for "phonetic for stardict" there is a Farsi page that you may can't translate it for yourself; no problem! It's my question in Farsi in forum.

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