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WiseDraco 03-09-2014 05:47 AM

nvidia,xfce,dual monitor problems
last week finally i purchased HDMI cable, and got in problems.
shyort situation explain:
i have a core2duo computer with ASUS Nvidia GT630 rev2 (gk208) videocard. it have a 3 ports - VGA (D-SUB, 15pin), HDMI and DVI.

also i have an my main monitor - asus vw223 ( 22" LCD with D-SUB cable / input, 1680x1050), and sharp lc-32sh130e ( 32 lcd tv with native resolution 1366x7xx, but it also support input of 1920x1080 or so).
OS there is slackware64 14.1 & xfce window manager.
also is installed nvidia proprietary driver 331.38

until that i used asus monitor via d-sub and all be ok.
today morning i additionally switsh tv via hdmi too, and stranges starts - until boots in graphical mode, asus monitor is in sleep mode - no video output. even if tv is switched off ( but not disconnected). it is no good, there is any possibility to define default display \ connection? i want to default be monitor (asus) , not tv.
in xfce also is various stranginess - if i switch focus to screen with terminal, it jumps to tv, there is some mess and so on. i try to set displays in nvidia-settings util as mirror, and as non mirror, but anyway result is strange for me, and not that, as i expect. i will try to investigate all that in next week, but want to know another exp-eriences - maybe XFCE itself have problems with multiple monitors, or so on?

Drakeo 03-09-2014 07:38 AM

this might help

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