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dellthinker 09-28-2009 12:55 PM

No write access with sudo
Hi all. I recently figured out how to get my sudoers file working so that i can use truecrypt. I can mount my encrypted volumes just fine no problem. However i cant write anything, its only read access. This is my sudoers file conf thus far.


User_Alias MAINTAINERS = user
Cmnd_Alias DEB = /usr/bin/truecrypt, /usr/bin/truecrypt --core-service
root ALL=(ALL) ALL

When i try to copy something to the volume i get this error


Error "Access denied" while copying "/home/user...op/list.txt".
What do i need to add to my sudoers file so that i have write access? Thanx in advance!

j_jerry 09-28-2009 12:58 PM

isn't the volume a linux native?

dellthinker 09-28-2009 01:09 PM


Originally Posted by j_jerry (Post 3699597)
isn't the volume a linux native?

No i made it on XP. Does anyone know what im missing in the sudoers file for write access?

j_jerry 09-28-2009 02:44 PM

if it's ntfs, you'd need ntfs-3g

Are you able to write on all other partitions?

Also try su root

dellthinker 09-28-2009 05:03 PM

Well i installed ntfs-3g and nothing changed. This doesnt make any sense because i had a truecrypt volume that i made on Windows and mounted/deleted/added files to on Linux(fedora). Could it be something with Debian?(my current distro)

j_jerry 09-28-2009 06:27 PM

Aren't you able to do it being root ?

dellthinker 09-29-2009 05:20 PM

The problem was the volume was created in NTFS. So i made another with FAT and all was well. *phew* and i thought it had something to do with my distro :)

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