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frankzen 07-10-2013 09:18 PM

Need wallpaper displayer like Nitrogen
The powers that be for Fedora have orphaned my favorite wallpaper displayer Nitrogen, so I have to find alternates that will run on my Fedora 19 installation. I switch back and forth between Fluxbox and IceWm. In fluxbox there is no problem as it has it's own way to display multiple images and pick one. The problem is IceWm which does not have something like that. Does anyone have any suggestions for software that might be in the Fedora repositories, or even a script in BASH?

evo2 07-10-2013 09:46 PM


I think fluxbox uses the fbsetbg command. See:

Is there any reason you can't use that with IceWM?


frankzen 07-10-2013 10:07 PM

The problem is not displaying the image....the problem is picking an image to display. Nitrogen (not available in Fedora now) puts up a screen of thumbnails from which you can pick one to set as wallpaper. Fluxbox has built-in commands to do the same thing but IceWm has nothing like that.

Randicus Draco Albus 07-11-2013 06:34 AM

There is feh, but it cannot display multiple images. (At least not that I am aware of.)

frankzen 07-11-2013 07:54 AM

Maybe I have phrased it badly.....I am looking for software that 1)will display a screenfull of images as thumbnails, and 2) will set one of them as wallpaper when an image is clicked on. That's what Nitrogen does, but it's no longer available for Fedora 19.

Randicus Draco Albus 07-11-2013 09:20 AM

Maybe I am now missing something, but you have just described most, if not all, file managers. They allow the wallpaper to be set with a right mouse click. (And display thumbnails.)

frankzen 07-11-2013 09:48 AM

Yes, I am aware of that. But Nitrogen goes to a dedicated directory of images, displays the thumbnails and allows you to set any of them as wallpaper. To do that with a file manager requires you to navigate to the directory, check the thumbnails and right click on one. Nitrogen just makes it a lot simpler and is in line with the Linux program to do one thing. What I have now done is to grab the nitrogen source code, installed all the needed dependencies and compiled it on my machine. Problem solved! Just laziness on my part I didn't do it before.

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