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Armagguedes 05-14-2013 09:37 PM

Need to permanently "install" a partition onto the filesystem.
Hey all.

I just installed Lubuntu 13.04-32bits on an Eeepc (from 2008); during the install process - when you're partitioning the hard drive - i forgot to format, label, and set a mountpoint for the second partition.

The partitions i have are:
/boot - 100MiB
/swap - 2GiB
/ and /home - 30GiB
There is an additional partition that has ~100GiB, but remains sort of inaccessible. I can see it in PCFileMan, but when i want to access it, i need to mount it with SUDO and behaves like a pendrive (which is no good, because it's where the Dropbox folder is going).

I used to have it mounted as an additional data partition - it was a data drive, which i mounted as /share - that would mount on booting, but i had to clear Kubuntu out of it (too heavy for the hardware).

What CLI voodoo do i need to do to permanently mount (as ext3 or ext4) this partition upon booting (i don't mind formatting it in the process).


teckk 05-14-2013 10:17 PM

You need to mount it in /etc/fstab

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