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icecoder 04-22-2011 07:21 AM

Mouse wheel goes crazy (on Archlinux + X)
Hi guys,

My mouse wheel is driving me a bit crazy..
Without any warning or error, my mouse wheel starts scrolling everything without any chance to stop it as I start the X server.

If I'm on the desktop, it scrolls the desktops, if I'm on my browser it scrolls the webpage, if I'm on menus it presses the menu button the cursor is over and so on..

It is surely no a hardware problem, since this happens in linux only. It is even not a window manager problem, since I tried installing other WMs and the problem persisted.

Tried reinstalling X but didn't work, tried upgrading the whole system but didn't work, tried to change the X config file and the problem SEEMED to be solved (but started harassing me again in a few minutes).. I think it is a X problem, but cannot find where it is..

I'm using Xorg + Archlinux on kernel 2.6, 64 bit system.

ButterflyMelissa 04-22-2011 10:31 AM


Okay, two options, either install the input drivers...

or .. an exorsist? ;)

I have Arch up and runing, with a brandless (white) scrollermouse, works like a charm, but I did install the input drivers...though Udev should be clever enough to handle this...



You only need xf86-input-keyboard or xf86-input-mouse if you plan on disabling hotplugging, otherwise, evdev will act as the input driver.
...yes, all nice and well...but, just make sure...



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