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houndhen 02-22-2014 01:21 PM

lxle torrent never starts downloading
I have been trying to solve this for a few days.

I am using ktorrent in PCLOS KDE 32 bit. I have been trying to download LXLE 12.04 32 bit. I have posted on their forum but didn't get anything that I could use.

First off, I am not that schooled on torrents. I have always just clicked on the torrent and opened it in ktorrent and the download proceeded to go about its business to download the iso file.

The LXLE torrent shows the iso file and the md5sum file. When I get it into ktorrent it just sits there and nothing downloads. I have had replies about ports not being open but I am not sure what to do when I click on configure ktorrent.

Has anyone else run into this or a similar problem and solved it?

I actually got the torrent to download while in win 7. Got it over to Linux and created a bootable usb. It loaded up until the login. The usual lxle login didn't work but it actually wasn't lxle anyway. It was Linux Mint 15. This the 2nd time I have gotten it to download and it turned out to be Mint 15 instead of lxle. Weird to say the least.

273 02-23-2014 04:17 AM

The first thing I would do is pick another torrent, preferably one of something you know will be popular, and try that out. If that torrent starts then you know it's just the LXLE torrent that is either broken or has no seeders, if the other torrent does not work you know you have problems with your torrent client and can go from there.

houndhen 02-23-2014 09:41 AM

Thanks for the advice. I am giving up on LXLE for now. I don't really need it but wanted to look at it. Sometimes I get an old machine that I like to try and recycle and give away to someone or an organization. The lxle torrent is a mess apparently. I have gotten it downloaded twice since starting this thread and both times it was actually Linux Mint 15. Oh well, I tried.

themess 03-18-2014 08:27 AM

I had a similar experience when downloading LXLE. A friend recommended to replace XP on my ten year old ThinkPad. The reviews are good. The only available download is through a torrent. I used the torrent client included in Gnome running under Debian Squeeze. The download appeared to hang, but after an hour or so it started. It ran overnight before finishing. When I download a torrent, I upload several copies to pay it forward. That took another two days. Later, I turned the torrent client back on to upload more, and it did nothing for two days. I suspect that LXLE just doesn't have a big enough following to have high supply or demand, so long waits are sometimes necessary.

The wait might be worth it, as my experience with LXLE has been excellent. I want to keep XP, to run a few programs that won't run on anything else. That meant setting up dual boot on a 40 gig HD. First, I removed unneeded files and defragged the HD, then backed up data externally. Next, I used tools from System Rescue CD to create free space on the HD for LXLE. Finally, I installed LXLE with the dual boot option, specifying to put it in the newly created empty area. Installation went smoothly, like a text book example. Quite a few packages were downloaded during installation, not through torrents.

LXLE is working well. I'm writing this on the laptop under LXLE. Dual boot is fine. LXLE not only has no problem with the 1.6 gig PIII and only 1 gig of RAM, it works faster than XP. The installed set of packages is complete and defaults make sense. Wireless access is a snap. I highly recommend LXLE not only to people who want a light weight distro, but to anyone looking for something easy to use.


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