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mark_alfred 12-20-2009 11:21 PM

lxde desktop program links
Hello, what is the way to make program links on the desktop for lxde? I tried right-clicking, drag and dropping from pcman-fm, but this did not provide me with an option (or, at least, one that I noticed.) I did manage to create links (aka shortcuts) to programs by copying desktop files from /usr/share/applications to the desktop of lxde (/home/mark/Desktop); so, it can be done. I'm just wondering if there is a more simple and intuitive way that has been designed for lxde that I'm unaware of.

craigevil 12-21-2009 12:23 AM

Thats pretty much it other than adding apps to the Application Launch bar.

There is an app called lxshortcut.
Description: easy way to edit application shortcuts
lxshortcut is a simple GUI to customize .desktop format menu entry and make
application shortcuts on desktop.

mark_alfred 12-22-2009 12:10 PM

I tried lxshortcut, and if there was a gui associated with it, I couldn't find it. Anyway, I have found a lot of useful information at the lxde site, so thanks for that, and creating desktop icons is relatively easy via copying the files from /usr/share/applications.

craigevil 12-22-2009 12:49 PM

lxshortcut package provides a way of customize menu entry and easy to
make shortcut to launcher application on desktop.

Customize menu entry
It will be launched when you right click on lxpanel menu entry and
lxlauncher menu icon.

Make shortcut on desktop
You need to have a desktop managed by pcmanfm.
You can enable it manually by:
Edit => Preferences => Desktop => check "Manage the desktop and show file

Its not a separate GUI like kmenu is/was in kde.

Personally I can't stand desktop icons, I just put the apps I use the most in the Application launch bar.

mark_alfred 12-22-2009 12:58 PM

I did read the /usr/share/doc on it, and did subsequently try right clicking on everything I thought might be an "lxpanel menu entry", but to no avail. It's not terribly important, since I can create desktop icon via the procedure I previously described. I too dislike desktop icons, but I do plan to set up an older computer for my nephew, and desktop icons are a useful way of visually showing some users what options they have.

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