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Foxblood 04-24-2013 01:26 PM

Lua with Conky gives unwanted background color
I've Googled and ransacked the forum looking for an answer. I have Conky with lua on Arch KDE4 and I cannot run both together without creating an unwanted background. After getting sidetracked with KDE4 transparency considerations, I discovered that if I start Conky without Lua, I can get proper transparency. If I start Conky with Lua enabled I get a background color. The Lua script doesn't seem to have any background settings. I'm not sure what files are relevant to post, the conkyrc and or the Lua script, which is quite large. I'm reasonably au fait with Conky but this is the first Conky I cannot get to function correctly. My basic question is how to use Lua without starting a background color. Here is where I got the original files -your.html . Of course, I can post the relevant Lua file if necessary but, as I mentioned, it is quite large and I'm not clear on forum rules regarding posting large files of this type. Here's how Conky starts Lua:

lua_load ~/.conky/avi9526_conky.lua
lua_draw_hook_pre Widgets

Thanks for your time.

Habitual 04-26-2013 09:27 AM


conky -v
output please.
You can post large'ish files using [code][/code] markups (The "#" in editor.) or just click the link under "Code:" for valid examples.

definitely post the conkyrc using [code][/code] and attach the .lua if it's that large (rename it to .txt before uploading).

Foxblood 04-28-2013 09:10 AM

Thanks for your interest but I managed to solve this with assistance from another forum. Changing line 1236 of the Lua script to cairo_set_source_rgba(CairoContext, 0.6, 0.61, 0.62, 0.0) did the trick. Thanks again.

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