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TechPlusPC 07-21-2008 12:51 PM

Log-in Screen
Hey guys,
I have a question in regards to the login-screen for the standard Ubuntu 8.04LTS hardy 64bit.

The particular thing we are trying to accomplish with a series of boxes is I don't want anyone to have to log-in period. I just want the PC to boot directly into the Linux desktop. No username, no password. We are using the standard window manager for Ubuntu 8.04TS hardy 64bit which I believe is Gnome. or KDE. Can I accomplish this? We need Ubuntu for hardware support issues and the ease of use for Home Theater installers. And also does anyone know of any good Linux remote desktop software that can self boot?

Thanks again guys,

camorri 07-21-2008 01:07 PM


I just want the PC to boot directly into the Linux desktop
Set up auto login. Here is a link that describes it. -->

There are other tutorials, if you google 'autologin ubuntu'.

Remote desktop. Look into Nomachines NX server and client software. I'm not sure what you mean by self boot.

You will find for commercial purposes NX server is not free. If you want 'free' try installing freenx. The pre-req is ssh. You can install that using synaptic package manager.

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