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twoHats 09-08-2007 04:22 PM

Konquerer view modes...
Hi All -

Konquerer, by default, shows a brain damaged view mode consisting of icons. I switch to detailed list view to see some info on the files (like ls -l every time i use Konquerer.

The question is, how can i set this mode to be the default - I have tried a few things, but it always comes back to icons ...

Thanks -

SilentSam 09-08-2007 04:35 PM

For Kubuntu, this worked for me:

sudo rm -r /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/kde-profile/default/share/apps/konqueror
[this one not needed in gutsy] sudo cp /usr/share/apps/konqueror/konqueror-orig.rc /usr/share/apps/konqueror/konqueror.rc

indeliblestamp 09-09-2007 02:35 AM

Settings -> Save View Profile "File Management"
(or give it some other name, like 'Long list mode')

And for opening konqueror again with the profile you want, change your icon properties to run this instead:

kfmclient openProfile filemanagement

twoHats 09-10-2007 11:52 AM

SilentSam and arungoodboy

Thanks - I now am on my way to liking Konqueror and switching over.

thanks again

_sc_ 09-19-2007 04:36 PM

too too many features
if you're like me and you don't like applications that try to be all things for all people, you might take a look at krusader -- it is a file manager utility, has some cool features (F2 starts a shell at whatever path is current) but doesn't try to be a web-browser or media player or email client

twoHats 09-20-2007 03:20 AM


Thanks - installing krusader shortly...

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