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Durin 09-13-2013 05:56 AM

Keeping a permanent wallpaper with Feh
Hey there.

I'm using xmonad at the moment and i wanted to setup a wallpaper to the background and keep it permanent. However, i have some doubts that you guys hopefully can help me with:

- When i use xmonad --recompile, it gives me an error saying i don't have the config file. I thought by using --recompile, it would create one.

- If i need to create a xmonad config file, how do i add an entry of Feh to it?

- Maybe nothing i posted has anything to do with solving the problem?

Thanks in advance.

frankbell 09-13-2013 09:51 PM

I don't know anything about xmonad, but I don't think you would need to compile feh into it, if that's what you are trying to do (you aren't very clean on why you are recompiling xmonad).

feh has wallpaper setting capabilities out of the box when you use the appropriate arguments. It then stores the wallpaper setting in a little script which you should be able to incorporate into the startup of the GUI. See the Arch Wiki where I found all this.

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