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Sweyn78 08-03-2012 04:23 PM

KDE Weather Wallpaper Not Allowing Custom Wallpapers
Hello! I am running KDE 4.8.4 (QT4.8.2) on Netrunner 4.2 Dryland (which is, for those who do not know, a modified version of Kubuntu 12.04 LTS). I have changed the backgound of my desktop to the "Weather" setting and am attempting to set custom wallpapers to each of the different weather possibilities (clear, cloudy, etc.). However, KDE will not save the wallpapers I choose. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would be willing to post where on the disk these Weather wallpaper settings are stored (I intend to just edit them by hand). I have already gone through ~/.local, ~/.config, and ~/.kde, as well as performed several Google searches regarding the matter, and haven't found an answer yet.
Thanks in advance! :)

EDIT: I'm running KDE 4.9 now and I still have the same problem.

frankbell 08-04-2012 09:33 PM

If these are default KDE wallpapers, as opposed to user-added wallpapers, try



Sweyn78 08-04-2012 10:41 PM

Already Done That
I've already gone through the tedious process of manually adding 15 wallpapers into /usr/share/wallpapers. It is not a problem of the wallpapers not showing up in the Weather configuration (which they don't, btw, unless you have added them to /usr/share/wallpapers), but, rather, a problem of the configuration not saving to whatever file it's supposed to save to that I want wallpaper X to load with weather scenario Y.
If anyone knows how to run plasma desktop settings from a terminal, we'd probably be able to figure this out; it would likely be able to tell us where the configuration file is located, so that I can edit it by hand.
Judging by searches on Google a lot of other people are having this problem, too, which means it's a bug in the application, but I don't think the guy who made the Weather wallpaper feature for KDE has updated it since KDE SC 4.3 or 4.4. I'll submit a bug report, of course, but it'd still nice to have a workaround posted somewhere online, especially if the problem never gets resolved.
So, again: Anyone know how to run the configuration screen from a terminal? Anyone know where the file that sets the weather wallpapers is located?

frankbell 08-05-2012 07:39 PM

Thanks for the additional detail.

Your problem piqued my curiosity, so I googled around. It is difficult to find where KDE stores its settings.

The closest I got was this,, but it wasn't much help.

Sweyn78 08-06-2012 04:33 AM

I Guess I'm Going In?
If we can't find anything online either about:
  1. Where KDE stores that file
  2. How to run KDE's desktop settings from a terminal
...then I may have to manually search through my system until I find the file.
Joy abounds... :\

frankbell 08-06-2012 09:10 PM

Happy hunting. Be sure to let us know what you find.

stoneCutter123 02-11-2016 10:55 PM

I'm sorry for bumping a terribly old thread, but I came across a solution to this and thought it might prove helpful to other users to share it. There is a file under (in most linux systems)
/home/[your user name]/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc

Editing this file will change your settings, but be very careful because it's easy to break. Search the text file for something that looks like this


Then you can change the path of each wallpaper to the one you want to display. After you change it, restart, and your changes will show up

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