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royceH 11-15-2006 01:53 PM

KDE: "media:/" in konqueror asks for *dll*
I'm running a recently installed Red Hat 8 system on an old AMD 950, up untill recently I was running MEPIS but ditched it becuase it refused to play nicley with my Trident Cyberblade videio card.

I have been trying to set up automounting for my USB digital camera, and after quite some pissing about with hotplug (with some sucsess too) I read an article saying that KDE will automount if setup corectly. The source (and several others too) said to simply enter "media:/" into the address bar of konqueror to get a web-like GUI to do this. Sounded simple.

To my abject horror, when I typed it into konqueror and hit enter, all I got was a message saying that a dll couldn't be found. Call me old fasioned but, WTF?! since when has a linux app needed dlls? It's this sort of error that chased me away from M$ operating systems.

My question is quite simple: is there another way to fix this (might be a bit tricky considering I can't remember which dll it wants), get to the media page for KDE, or does anyone know how to manualy mount a USB sony cybershot(I've been spoilt recently with MEPIS that just does it for you) all of the scripts for standard USB drives just throw the errors about the block device.

reddazz 11-16-2006 03:37 AM

Redhat 8 has a very old version of KDE (I think 2.x), so I am not suprised that the media:/ function doesn't work. Why did you not try using any of the newer distros e.g. Fedora Core, Ubuntu and openSUSE.

royceH 11-16-2006 04:34 PM

Actualy the answer is becuase it was there. And it's only a 950 with 250mb of RAM. I did download Fedora 6 but couldn't get it to install. The problem relating to mounting my camera is related to the old kernel (2.3) too. I have decdided to put more effort into getting a newer version to work, and since I have it already I'll be starting with Fedora 6 (I forsee performance issues though) Are there any tricks that I should know about to get this to work?

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