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asdir 10-26-2006 02:02 PM

KDE - Icons in Menu und Some Symbols Gone
As stated my problem is that the icons disappeared in the K-Menu and some other symbols elsewhere, e.g. the folder-symbol on some "open"-buttons or the red symbol on the "logout"-button.
Additionally my wallpaper won't come up, even if I choose a new one.
However, the icons for applications in panels work just fine, so it is not just a problem with the icon-theme.
The first time the prob came up was when I told KDE via control-center that I don't want any icons bumping up and down next to the cursor. I applied the setting, the panel was reloaded and suddenly there were no icons anymore. I tried to reverse this but the only effect that this had was that next to the cursor a black box instead of an icon jumps up and down now. :-(

My system is sporting ubuntu 6.06.1 with KDE 3.5.2 .

I'd appreciate any help a lot.

(Sorry for my probably weird english, I'm not a native speaker...)

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