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donnoel 03-01-2013 08:40 AM

KDE 4.8.5 - missing keyboard layout applet
This is more an whine then a plea for help.

It seems to me that almost every time the KDE developers put out a new stable release they have changed something in the System Preferences control panel to confound the end user.

I just did a fresh install of OpenSuse 12.2 with KDE Version 4.8.5 rel.2.
During the install I said that I wanted to use the English Canada keyboard layout. Later I wanted to change it to the US layout, so I go to System references to do so and, lo and behold, you can't do it. None of the control panel applets related to keyboards or input devices permit it.

There used to be an applet for that.

I ended up having to do it in a root terminal window using the command:

setxkbmap us

After looking around I found that I was not the only one encountering this and it was entered in the KDE buglist as an "oops, I forgot" error.

The thing is KDE keeps jiggering around with these applets. If they just left things alone they wouldn't forget about these details.

In OpenSuse 12.1 there was a Plasma Workspace applet that let you customize the interface by selecting different elements of different plasma themes so that, for example, you could use the analog clock from theme A in theme X. That seems to have disappeared too. Or maybe that's been folded into another applet?

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