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budword 02-11-2009 08:22 PM

jwm menu .jwmrc for ubuntu JEOS.....
Hi, I'm recycling some older computers for some local children, I'm putting ubuntu JEOS on them as a start. I've decided on jwm as the window manager, because it's sort of windows 95ish, (and wicked fast on old hardware) so most people will at least be able to figure out to start at the "start" button.

My problem is the menu. I've googled, and figured out I need a .jwmrc file, and I've copied a few from the net, but none of them have worked. (Well, one or two worked sort of, but they were terrible, not standard at all, they were someones personal idea of a theme I guess. No pager, task bar, or "Start" button even, just a fluxbox style right click menu, and some funky 1992 style colors.)

Does anyone here have a working .jwmrc file, with a "Debian" menu that lists most installed applications ?

Thanks much....


i92guboj 02-11-2009 10:14 PM

I've tried it in the past and I am fairly sure that it's shipped with an example rc file for a standard configuration. This file is also very easy to understand and you can edit it with any text editor of your choice and add or delete elements from the menu.

The sample file will usually be under /usr/share/doc/jwm*

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