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black-clover 02-17-2019 10:36 PM

Jwm discrepancy

I'm trying to reproduce my Debian desktop on Slitaz.
I have installed Jwm and copied the file I use on Debian, Alpine, and so forth.
However, on Slitaz I can't get the windows border right.
Instead of a flat dark gray border I get a fading orange one.
Likewise on the menu active bar and the pager.

This is my .jwmrc file.


<?xml version="1.0"?>


  <!-- The root menu, if this is undefined you will not get a menu. -->
  <!-- Additional RootMenu attributes: onroot, labeled, label -->
  <RootMenu height="15" onroot="12">
            <Program label="Terminal">lxterminal</Program>
            <Program label="Root File Manager">sudo pcmanfm</Program>
            <Program label="File Manager">pcmanfm</Program>
            <Menu label="Exit">
          <Exit label="Logout" confirm="true" icon="quit.png"/>
                  <Program label="Reboot">sudo reboot</Program>
                  <Program label="Turn off">sudo poweroff</Program>       
                <Program label="Refresh Menu">mjwm; jwm -reload </Program>
            <Restart label="Restart JWM" icon="restart.png"/>

    <StartupCommand>sudo ifup wlan0</StartupCommand-->
  <StartupCommand>udevil mount /dev/sdb1</StartupCommand>
  <StartupCommand>udevil mount /dev/sdc1</StartupCommand>
  <StartupCommand>devilspie -a </StartupCommand>
  <StartupCommand>conky </StartupCommand>
  <!--StartupCommand>setxkbmap latam </StartupCommand-->

  <!-- Additional tray attributes: autohide, width, border, layer, layout -->

  <Tray  x="0" y="-1" height="32" autohide="off">

      <!-- Additional TrayButton attribute: label -->
      <TrayButton label="JWM">root:1</TrayButton>

      <TrayButton label="_">showdesktop</TrayButton>

      <!-- Additional Pager attribute: labeled -->
      <Pager labeled="true"/>

      <TaskList maxwidth="256"/>


      <!-- Additional Swallow attribute: height -->

      <Swallow name="xload" width="64">
        xload -nolabel -bg black -fg gray -hl white

      <Clock format="%H:%M">xclock</Clock>


  <!-- Visual Styles -->









<!-- Additional TrayStyle attribute: insert -->











  <!-- Virtual Desktops -->
  <!-- Desktop tags can be contained within Desktops for desktop names. -->
  <Desktops width="4" height="2">
              <Background type="image">/usr/share/wallpaper/jwm.png</Background>

      <!-- Default background. Note that a Background tag can be
          contained within a Desktop tag to give a specific background
          for that desktop.


  <!-- Double click speed (in milliseconds) -->

  <!-- Double click delta (in pixels) -->

  <!-- The focus model (sloppy or click) -->

  <!-- The snap mode (none, screen, or border) -->
  <SnapMode distance="10">border</SnapMode>

  <!-- The move mode (outline or opaque) -->

  <!-- The resize mode (outline or opaque) -->

  <!-- Key bindings -->
  <Key key="Up">up</Key>
  <Key key="Down">down</Key>
  <Key key="Right">right</Key>
  <Key key="Left">left</Key>
  <Key key="h">left</Key>
  <Key key="j">down</Key>
  <Key key="k">up</Key>
  <Key key="l">right</Key>
  <Key key="Return">select</Key>
  <Key key="Escape">escape</Key>

  <Key mask="4" key="u">exec:pmount /dev/sdb1 sdb1 && pcmanfm /media/sdb1</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="e">exec:sylpheed</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="a">exec:pidgin</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="t">exec:lxterminal</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="p">exec:pcmanfm</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="s">exec:trelby</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="f">exec:falkon</Key>
  <Key mask="4" key="m">exec:mpv --shuffle /home/mac/music/gals/*.*</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="F4">close</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="#">desktop#</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="F1">root:1</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="F2">window</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="F10">maximize</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="Right">rdesktop</Key>
  <!--Key mask="A" key="Left">ldesktop</Key-->
  <Key mask="A" key="Up">udesktop</Key>
  <Key mask="A" key="Down">ddesktop</Key>


This is jwm -p output:


mac@slitaz:~$ jwm -p
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[24]: close tag "StartupCommand--" does not match open tag "StartupCommand"
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[188]: invalid entity: "&& pcman"
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[188]: invalid entity: "& pcmanf"
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc-mjwm[94]: invalid entity: "&& subox"
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc-mjwm[94]: invalid entity: "& subox "
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[68]: invalid tag in WindowStyle: Background
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[69]: invalid tag in WindowStyle: Foreground
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[70]: invalid tag in WindowStyle: Outline
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[71]: invalid tag in WindowStyle: Opacity
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[74]: invalid tag in Active: Background
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[75]: invalid tag in Active: Foreground
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[96]: invalid tag in TaskListStyle: Active
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[111]: invalid tag in PagerStyle: Active
JWM: warning: /home/mac/.jwmrc[124]: invalid tag in MenuStyle: Active

I checked the lines but I can't see anything wrong and this config works flawlessly on any other distro.

What am I doing wrong?

black-clover 02-18-2019 08:43 PM

seems like the difefrent version accepts different tags.
went through some slitaz config and fixed the differences.

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