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technononsense 09-15-2008 07:48 PM

installing gnome themes on arch
i've recently installed arch on my desktop and i'm currently using gnome as the DE.

I found a theme i want to use but when i've installed and set it, the scrolll bars, tabs etc are all using the default grey 2D looking stuff (is this GTK 1.x stuff?)

the theme in particular is this.

Thanks in advance :D

wernerz 09-16-2008 03:31 PM

Sometimes you have to choose the border theme manually. Go to gnome theme manager and click the theme. Check that all is set to use you're theme.

technononsense 09-17-2008 04:13 AM

thanks wernerz but i managed to pin it down to being the aurora engine. once i installed it from the repo's it worked. thaks anyway.;)

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