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metalloid 08-13-2006 12:18 AM

gnome main menu behaviour

In the previous versions of gnome a nice feature was enabled by default.
When I pressed the <Mod4> (windows) key the main gnome-menu popped up at the location where my mouse is.
All I had to do was go to {keyboard shortcuts} and define one for
[Popup the panel menu] and I was done.

In the newer version (my distro has Gnome v2.8 ) this option has been changed into [Show the panel menu] and now the menu always pops up at the standard location of the button (here on the upper-left section) of the panel. It doesn't popup where the mouse is anymore.

How can I explicitly enable the previous behaviour, where [Show the panel menu] behaves as [Popup the panel menu] so that the main-menu follows the mouse again?

eckirchn 02-09-2010 09:39 PM

Wow, i didn't know that was ever a feature
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I didn't know that was ever a feature of Gnome.. I remember functions like that with "EVOLUTION" and i think Fluxbox does something like that.

Can you attach a screenshot of before and after "WINDOWS" button is pressed? Perhaps a YouTube Video..

If i could turn off the GNOME menu and go back to "EVOLUTION" i would love it...

My Desktop attached.


DavidMcCann 02-11-2010 04:40 PM

This was never a standard Gnome thing: it is absent from Fedora and Debian, for example. If you don't have the menu icon on the panel, then the menu will pop up alongside the pointer. Personally, I only keep the icon on the panel to ensure the menu does keep to an area where it has enough space on the right!

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