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SuSE_Lamer 02-24-2009 08:05 AM

Gnome Bluetooth applet in Lenny: root user vs. ordinary user
Hello everybody,

some time ago I updated my Lenny installation and noticed, that my Bluetooth applet didn't work any more. First, it has not shown up when the dongle was enabled (I have a built-in BT). After some days, it appeared, but there was not tab with my host's name. There were "Services" tab (which is empty) and "General" tab only. Actually, I cannot use the applet properly in this state. At the present it doesn't show up after boot (although I never switch my BT dongle off), but when I switch it off and on again, it pops up in the notification area.

My BT mouse works without any issue.

All said above apllies to my user account. Yesterday I had to log in as root, and suddenly noticed, that root user had all old features. The icon of BT applet showed up immediately after login, the tab with my host's name was there, I could see my paired devices (like my cell phone or old BT mouse).

Can anyone tell me, what happens? I suspect, it has anything to do with permissions. But where should I start my research?

I would appreciate any hint.


P.S. I suspect, that this issue appears in all Debian-based distributions.

SuSE_Lamer 03-20-2009 06:41 AM

Hello everyone,

I hope, I found the solution for the issue: ordinary user must be a member of the "netdev" group to be able to use the "Bluetooth Applet" properly.

I would appreciate any feedback.


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