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diaco 12-04-2009 10:23 AM

gnome 3 and compiz-fusion
I use gnome shell some days and I know this project will be a revolution for gnome. I've read somewhere that the gnome shell will replace compiz-fusion. Is there any hope that we will be able to use compiz (or compiz-like effects) when gnome 3 comes out?
Are they killing some nice things of gnome (desktop cube, window animations, wobbly windows, emerald, scale &...)?
From a graphical point of view, gnome has a long way to todays modern interfaces like kde or windows' aero. but it's storg point is compiz-fusion's effects. I know that gnome shell has its own effects but they are not enough I think if they kill compiz, they will kill gnome too. what is your opinion?

bret381 12-04-2009 10:41 AM

My personal opinion (from what I've seen anyway) is that gnome shell has potential, and although I find it a little disturbing that the fine folks over at gnome are integrating the panel and the wm so that changing the wm causes you to lose the panel (at least from what I understand) the shell looks to be promising, but dropping the ability to use compiz may be a step backward for those who need to have a very "pretty" graphical 3d desktop etc. But what do I know :)

diaco 12-06-2009 05:53 AM

Of course I know compiz has some useless things like placing fire on the screen but it has many useful things too. on the other hand, I know there are many developers that take no care about eye-candy but how many new users will like gnome without compiz-fusion?
And one other thing: I think gnome shell gives nothing to gnome that worse throwing compiz-fusion aside. You can have all with gnome panel, + compiz-fusion + gnome-do + beagle. Am I wrong?

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