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Janus_Hyperion 12-27-2012 02:11 PM

getting tigervnc (vncviewer) to work in F18
I connect to one of my work computers by VNC using the following


$ vncviewer -via username@server_ip -geometry 1300x800
I use this everyday to connect to our server and it ALWAYS worked fine with my F17 installation which has tigervnc 1.1

Now, I am trying the same thing in my F18 installation and all I get is this


$ vncviewer -via username@server_ip -geometry 1300x800

TigerVNC Viewer 64-bit v1.2.80 (20121204)
Built on Dec  4 2012 at 12:54:00
Copyright (C) 1999-2011 TigerVNC Team and many others (see README.txt)
See for information on TigerVNC.

usage: vncviewer [parameters] [host:displayNum] [parameters]
      vncviewer [parameters] -listen [port] [parameters]

Parameters can be turned on with -<param> or off with -<param>=0
Parameters which take a value can be specified as -<param> <value>
Other valid forms are <param>=<value> -<param>=<value> --<param>=<value>
Parameter names are case-insensitive.  The parameters are:

Global Parameters:
  ZlibLevel      - Zlib compression level (default=-1)
  Log            - Specifies which log output should be directed to which
                  target logger, and the level of output to log. Format is
                  <log>:<target>:<level>[, ...]. (default=)
  ImprovedHextile - Use improved compression algorithm for Hextile encoding
                  which achieves better compression ratios by the cost of
                  using more CPU time (default=1)
  FullscreenSystemKeys - Pass special keys (like Alt+Tab) directly to the
                  server when in full screen mode. (default=1)
  MenuKey        - The key which brings up the popup menu (default=F8)
  SendPrimary    - Send the primary selection and cut buffer to the server as
                  well as the clipboard selection (default=1)
  SendClipboard  - Send clipboard changes to the server (default=1)
  AcceptClipboard - Accept clipboard changes from the server (default=1)
  Shared        - Don't disconnect other viewers upon connection - share the
                  desktop instead (default=0)
  ViewOnly      - Don't send any mouse or keyboard events to the server
  RemoteResize  - Dynamically resize the remote desktop size as the size of
                  the local client window changes. (Does not work with all
                  servers) (default=1)
  geometry      - Specify size and position of viewer window (default=)
  DesktopSize    - Reconfigure desktop size on the server on connect (if
                  possible) (default=)
  FullScreenAllMonitors - Enable full screen over all monitors (default=1)
  FullScreen    - Full screen mode (default=0)
  Maximize      - Maximize viewer window (default=0)
  QualityLevel  - JPEG quality level. 0 = Low, 9 = High (default=8)
  NoJPEG        - Disable lossy JPEG compression in Tight encoding.
  CompressLevel  - Use specified compression level 0 = Low, 6 = High
  CustomCompressLevel - Use custom compression level. Default if CompressLevel
                  is specified. (default=0)
  PreferredEncoding - Preferred encoding to use (Tight, ZRLE, Hextile or Raw)
  LowColourLevel - Alias for LowColorLevel
  LowColorLevel  - Color level to use on slow connections. 0 = Very Low (8
                  colors), 1 = Low (64 colors), 2 = Medium (256 colors)
  FullColour    - Alias for FullColor
  FullColor      - Use full color (default=1)
  AutoSelect    - Auto select pixel format and encoding. Default if
                  PreferredEncoding and FullColor are not specified.
  passwd        - Alias for PasswordFile
  PasswordFile  - Password file for VNC authentication (default=)
  DotWhenNoCursor - Show the dot cursor when the server sends an invisible
                  cursor (default=0)
  PointerEventInterval - Time in milliseconds to rate-limit successive pointer
                  events (default=0)
Viewer Parameters:
  x509crl        - X509 CRL file (default=)
  x509ca        - X509 CA certificate (default=)
  SecurityTypes  - Specify which security scheme to use (None, VncAuth)

No errors. All that appears is what I have posted above. The exact command still works without any problems on F17 installation.

What can I do to connect? Should I adjust any firewall settings? I have no clue what's going on! Is any further information needed to solve this issue?


John VV 12-27-2012 11:56 PM

you are aware that fedora 18 is NOT officially out
and the fedora 18 BETA is testing ONLY
It will NOT be the same as the official fedora 18

and that because of this you WILL need to install fedora 18 when it is officially released

the beta TESTING ONLY repos are not the same as as the official fedora 18 repos

gradinaruvasile 12-28-2012 03:18 AM

Its the exact same binary as the one from F17?

I dont think its a Fedora related error. The vncviewer simply doesnt understand the syntax for some reason. I had issues like this with tigervnc when it started to not accept commands that were working in the previous version and SHOULD HAVE in the current one. I just gave up on it and started using ssvncviewer and remmina.

Janus_Hyperion 12-29-2012 04:21 AM

It turns out that '-via' option has been removed in tigervnc 1.2. Thanks for the response guys. Cheers.

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