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Skaperen 03-13-2011 03:27 PM

Getting frame buffer geometry to match monitor geometry
Is there a generic way to enable frame buffer console so that the frame buffer geometry correctly matches the monitor's native geometry (for monitors that have such, like LCD). This would assume that the monitor is connected and sufficiently powered up so that it can answer a query for its geometry, when the system comes up. Falling back to a configured geometry would suffice when the monitor geometry is unavailable.

Specific distros include Slackware and Ubuntu, but I'd like to find a generic way, too (especially for a rescue/utility CD).

The goals include having non-fuzzy characters in frame buffer console, as well as no geometry/mode jumps when switching to/from X Windows. Having no geometry/mode jumps on a KVM switch would be nice, too (assuming the switch passes on monitor info to all connected computers regardless of which computer the monitor is switched to).

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