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alan99 03-16-2010 05:07 AM

gdm freezes on login
If for some reason I am not connected to a network when I boot my machine, (if my wireless card fails to get a lease from my router) gdm will not start when I try to login. It just freezes up. I switch to a console terminal and login and fix the network issue then restart gdm, it works fine. What's the deal? I don't want to have my machine be worthless and have to fall back to windows (have a dual boot Vista/linux machine) when I stray from my network. Is it something to do with gconf-2? What the heck is going on.

rweaver 03-16-2010 10:26 AM

That's a pretty strange issue, what do the logs say?

alan99 03-17-2010 10:36 AM

I think I may have solved it. I messed with a configuration file once trying to fix a different problem. I changed it back to what I think the original was, and I think It is solved.

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