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Saturnyne 09-04-2006 05:33 PM

Freezing/Hanging problem with X
Not sure what else you'll need to know about my setup... I have the latest version of X installed in FC5, as well as the latest FC5 kernel. 256 MB of RAM, GeForce 2 MX graphics card, Creative SB Audigy sound card, and AMD Athlon T-bird at 800 mhz.

For some reason, some kind of error within X is causing my system to freeze to the point that my inputs don't work. I know it's not a specific application because the same error occurs across multiple programs. Not that it TELLS me what the error is.

As of late, it happens when I use GIMP, and the mouse cursor changes a few times (Such as from paint brush cursor, to regular, etc.). Also, it happens when I open certain webpages in any web browser. (right now, and

All I've been able to tell is that when this occurs, X eats up all but 15MB of memory, then just up and dies. No reason is given, and other than the uber memory consumption, there are no anomalous signs that I can see causing it. No inputs from the mouse or keyboard are registered, although I can move the mouse cursor around.

As for remedies, I'm at a loss. I've thought of uninstalling/reinstalling X, but that's about as safe as riding a missile into Iraqi airspace.

Any ideas/solutions?

ciotog 09-04-2006 10:35 PM

I had strange lockups occuring with an old graphics card (Geforce 5200), and was able to get rid of most of them by switching from the kernel AGP driver to the nVidia supplied AGP driver. It would lock up when scrolling web pages, during certain XScreensaver hacks (in particular Euler2D would almost certainly lock it up).

Ultimately I had to change graphics cards since the fan went out on the 5200, and occasionally applying a drop of oil to the shaft didn't last long. Also purchasing a replacement fan would have been a stop-gap measure.

The lockups were sometimes soft (pointer still moved around and currrently playing song would finish) and sometimes hard (the computer would completely freeze and the music would stay on the very last tone). Eventually it would lock up when even just compiling something in a terminal.

So anyway the point is that it may be your graphics card overheating.

Saturnyne 09-05-2006 05:17 AM

Thankfully, it wasn't that... it was just that kmod-nvidia and my card were pooping themselves at each other's presence. After removing the package, everything works fine.

How disappointing. Oh well. No hardware acceleration for me.

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