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Woodsman 03-23-2013 03:02 PM

Focus stealing when opening an app in KDE
KDE 4.10.1.

I have my VirtualBox machines configured to open in Desktop 2.

I have the KDE task manager configured to show only tasks from each desktop.

The VirtualBox windows correctly open in Desktop 2, but the window manager always changes the focus to Desktop 2. I don't want that. I want the app to start quietly in the background.

I changed the focus stealing level to something other than None. That sort of works in that the window manager does not force the focus to Desktop 2, but the window manager then creates a task manager icon in the Desktop 1 task bar that annoyingly flashes a few times.

As I have the task manager set to display tasks only from the current desktop, I don't know why the icon appears on Desktop 1 task bar.

The task icon text is also weirdly drop-shadowed.

I want to open the window in Desktop 2, no task bar icon to appear in Desktop 1, no flashing in Desktop 1, and no focus stealing. Just open quietly in the background in Desktop 2.

When I'm ready to work in the virtual machine I can press Ctrl-F2.

I tried some other apps, such as LibreOffice and some native KDE apps. Same results. Either the focus changes or the nagging task bar icon appears in Desktop 1 with the weird drop shadow font.

I disabled launch feedback for the virtual machines but the task bar icon still flashes in Desktop 1.

I probably would tolerate the flashing task bar icon in Desktop 1 if those weird drop shadow fonts weren't used. The flashing is temporary but for whatever reason, the drop shadow effect distracts me a great deal. Is there a way to stop the drop shadow effect?

Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks. :)

Knightron 04-02-2013 04:56 PM

Hey mate, i use the workspaces very similar to you in kde. What you have may be a bug. Ktorrent doesn't work correctly with window rules like that, but that's the only one in my experience.

I don't think you can get it out of the task bar yet, (maybe in kde 4.10, i haven't tried it so i don't know)
As for the drop shadow, can you post a pic, because i don't know what you're taking about.

Woodsman 04-06-2013 04:21 PM

I posted a bug report. :)

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