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jimwg 10-03-2012 01:28 AM

External HD Missing In Switched User Session

I have Travelstar HD hooked to my XFCE Maya system as a on-the-fly Lucky backup, and it works very well, except it disappears on the desktop if I switch to another user account. How can I make it appear and mount and access on both accounts?


Jim in NYC

SecretCode 10-04-2012 10:24 AM

Just a theory, as I'm not using Xfce at the moment: I think it uses gvfs for dynamic mounts and I think that makes the device appear only for the current user.

1 - check its permissions - it will probably be mounted under /media with a name based on the device, e.g.

ls -l /media/Travelstar
If you have permissions like drwxr-xr-x it won't be writable by the other user; if drwx------ it won't even be visible to the other user.

You would need to change the mount options for the device ... somewhere in the control panel.

2 - even with this sorted out, the icon may not appear on the other user's desktop ... ie as a file in /home/user/Desktop ... but this doesn't mean it's not accessible

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