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rnturn 10-08-2013 10:17 AM

Disabling automated mail checks in KMail
Q: How do you make this work.

I originally had configured KMail (v4.8.4) to automatically check for new email every 30 minutes on one account and every 15 minutes on another (my primary) account. Unfortunately, KMail seems to be checking for mail every minute or even more frequently regardless of what check interval I've defined. As a result, I now want to disable that and use the "Check Mail" button in KMail to make those check on demand instead of automatically. So I went into Settings->Configure KMail->Accounts->Modify, unchecked the "Enable interval mail checking" box, and bounced KMail. As you have guessed, KMail is still automatically checking for mail.

Is this function something that only works with POP? (We have an IMAP server, Courier, that deals with all of our mail.)

Hints? Tips?



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