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skydan 10-26-2010 12:32 PM

Configuring Konqueror middle mouse button behaviour?
Does anybody know how to configure Konqueror so that it does not do that annoying jump to random url when you middle click but miss the text box slightly?

Cut and paste with the middle button is good. Jump to URL is bad. Especially when I'm Goggling badguy IP addresses and URLs from my server logs.

I know there is Configure Konqueror > Web Behaviour > Middle Click opens URL in selection option but this then switches on the equally irritating scrolly thing.

I've searched all over for a solution to no avail. So, how do I turn off both these annoyances? Or at least be able to select them with a qualifier such as shift or ctrl or whatever? Be as technical as you like. I'm prepared to recompile the whole of KDE to get rid of this.


sag47 10-27-2010 11:47 AM

xinput and imwheel can do what you desire I'm pretty sure.

Here's an article in Ubuntu on using xinput and imwheel. That should be a good point in the right direction.

I've never done what you're attempting to do but it sounds interesting. Please report back to us with your results whether successful or unsuccessful so we all benefit.


Before You Proceed

Before any further editing to xorg.conf or .imwheelrc, it might be helpful to check your mouse button mappings.

Run imwheel -c from a terminal window for imwheel's graphical UI. Pressing the GrabWheelAction button and then one of your mouse's buttons should cause imwheel to show the button's default mapping. In practice, this seemed somewhat inconsistent, but results may differ depending on your particular mouse.
I google searched "xorg modify mouse buttons".

skydan 10-28-2010 10:45 AM

Thanks. I looked at the article and it didn't appear to be what I'm after. It was more aimed at adding functions to unmapped mouse buttons.

The problem I have is the same event, in this case the middle mouse button click, has different behaviour depending where on the page you click inside Konqueror. The event is already understood by Konqueror and being acted upon.

If it's a text box the highlighted text is copied into the box. If it's somewhere else on the page, Konqueror assumes that what you actually wanted to do was to type that text into the location text bar and go to that website. Even if the hightlighted text is gibberish.

What I'm after is a way to turn off this behaviour. As it happens Konqueror already has a very fine option on a right-click menu to jump to a highlighted http location. So this middle-mouse-button behaviour is already redundant.


sag47 10-28-2010 12:06 PM

You can map mouse behavior in specific applications. If there's not an option in Konqueror then why don't you remap the mouse behavior specifically in Konqueror to something else. Thereby disabling the middle mouseclick in Konq possibly. Aside from that you'd have to browse through the KDE source and find where that even takes place and null it.

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