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stateless 05-17-2013 12:19 PM

Configure color depth without a DE?
Hi. I've got a system I set up with no DE proper. It just has X11, and I start wmii window manager through .xinitrc (or some file like that). Video is provided through Nvidia card using nv driver.

I can control most aspects of display through xrandr. However, it does not seem to have an option to set color depth. Normally I would not care, but there is something wrong with the color displayed on the screen. It looks as though the color depth is too low.

Is there a simple utility for setting, or at least viewing, the color depth? I haven't tried to create a custom xorg.conf, and I was hoping to avoid that if at all feasibly possible. (In the past, my handcrafted xorg.conf files have always worked worse than default settings - if at all.)

273 05-18-2013 03:27 AM

Have you tried setting DefaultDepth in the Screen section of xorg.conf?

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