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NightSky 07-16-2012 07:32 PM

Checking dependencies before removing KDE
Running 30gb Amd 686, slackware 13.37, Xlibs & will run fvwm2.
Here is a list of undoing KDE:

KDE Parts

How do I check dependencies for these libraries? Other than KDE what uses the lib in my list? Is it safe to remove? People may say I don't have to remove all kde but it is also a learning challenge, Can kde building components be used to enhance more efficient and / or customized desktops. Besides I won't run KDE & have grown somewhat weary of XFCE as it continues in the footsteps of Gnome and KDE ease of use that does not cultivate empowering user, sacrificing efficient use of resources to accomplish tasks well. Thank you

knudfl 07-17-2012 01:41 AM

Dependency lists for libraries etc. :
Search > Advanced Search > e.g. Fedora 16
Or you can use 'ldd <binary-or--shared-library>'

akonadi : mysql, sqlite
virtuoso : none
soprano : qt4 ( soprano (small) may be used by other application(s).)
attica : qt4
redland, raptor, rasqual : sqlite.
( The three small libraries may be used by other application(s).)


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