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Cervisia "This is not a CVS folder."
I must be an idiot because despite what seems to be a very nice tutorial at OSNews on using Cervisia I cannot get past trying to "Open Sandbox..."

I have created a repository, I have cheched out a module, and now I want to open a sandbox however I keep getting "This is not a CVS folder. blah blah blah" and I am getting very VERY frustraed because Google only seems to know of two other people in the world whop ahve had this problem which must mean I am a special kind of stupid at least today.

Can somebody please help me. I am sure once the answer is given to me I am going to be so embarassed at how obvious it is that I will wish I never asked but as it stands I am truely stuck.

DRB 08-22-2006 10:01 PM

My 3rd Post
I believe this is my third post which should entitle me to add a link in my next post. 08-22-2006 10:02 PM

Number Four = Link Privilege
This should be my fourth post which should FINALLY enable me to add a link.

If this is true then here is a link to the tutorial/article I mentioned in my first post in this thread:


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