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N3ll3 08-17-2009 09:46 AM

Bluetooth Mouse problem(s)
I'm using Kubuntuntu 9 and I've bought a discounter bluetooth mouse last week.
My problem is that the Bluetooth Software shipped with Kubuntu seems to be broken in some way. Sometimes I can add the mouse with the new device setup dialogue and it works fine until reboot, sometimes it is detected but the cursor won't move after the setup and sometimes it isn't even detected by the setup. The worst thing is that when i get it working properly i have to do the same procedure every time i restart the system. When i turn on the mouse and it is in the list it is detected and the bluetooth software asks if i trust the mouse. But when i click "always trust" the mouse won't move. I have to remove it and hope that it will work next time i add it. The most strange thing is that every time i want to shut down the system there is a crash message from kdebluetooth4 (screen is black and only the crash pop up is visible).

Ive got a hp 6735s laptop with onboard bluetooth.

Does somebody know how to fix the problem?

draxen 08-17-2009 01:03 PM

this may help you
I'm using regular ubuntu, not kubuntu, but I also had problems with bluetooth mouse, so my findings may help you too. I noticed, that I have to have the mouse powered on while the system is booting up, and that's the only way the system is going to properly recognize the mouse and connect it automatically. If the mouse is powered on after the system has booted, the only way to use it was to delete the pairing and re-detect it.

N3ll3 08-17-2009 05:02 PM

Mhm, i dont think this is it because its almost always turned on when my system starts up since i dont turn it off, just let it go to standby and then move it while the system starts to grub.
There has to be an issue with the bluetooth software because it even detects it when i move the mouse, but there is no reaction when i click on always trust then :(

Isnt there a possibility to add everything to some config file manually? All the tuts i can find are about older versions, nothing about kdbluetooth4.

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