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harakanvarpaita 11-13-2007 01:51 AM

bewildered keyboard layouts in xfce
In installed xfce-desktop over a 64 bit ubuntu. I attempted to use arabic font as a secondary font and at first it worked very well. After a few days odd things started to happen.
1) alt no longer works in xfce
2) language indicator no longer has arabic in it. In fact it used to show flags, but now it has only text. Instead of the normal flags it shows US, unknown and unknown. One of the unknowns is actually arabic and the other one just makes all sorts of strange symbols no one ever needs, unless you prefer to write those phonetical university style symbols.
3) Numpad is off by default
4) Enabling the numpad enables the numbers and disables + - * / and,
5) I followed several on-line insturctions in order to remove all extra languages manually, but it had no effect. I think it was xorg.conf or something like that. Can't remember any more, but it was a text file that contained just about everything you ever wanted to know about your desktop. I removed the "ar" in the languages/layouts/whatever section. Nothing happened. Before that I of course used the easy graphical instruments for carrying out the task but they had no effect either.
6) Gnome wasn't effected. Only xfce was. Gnome works as it always did.

I would prefer to solve it the nice way instead of just re-installing xfce. I would prefer not to go over reconfiguring everything.

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