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snitko 02-22-2007 03:27 PM

Again Font Rendering
I'm sure the topic about font rendering was raised many times before, but I read all the instructions and manuals I could find, applied them and still it didn't work.

Let me briefly explain the situation.

OpenSuSe 10.2, byte code interpreter enabled by default (right?), Gnome
In Control Center->Fonts dpi=96

In xorg.conf:
  • in Section "Monitor": DisplaySize 338 270 (for 1280х1024)
  • in Section "Device": Option "DPI" "96x96"

Still have awful font rendering in FF and other browsers. Especially with serif fonts (Georgia on the screenshots). Here's two examples:Could anyone give me a hint on what else should I do? Besides killing myself. And yeah, disabling anti-aliasing sucks for me. I just want to know, is it actually worth trying to make font look exactly like on the second picture?

Xian 02-24-2007 01:34 AM

You'll find a good font Tutorial at the Suse wiki page, and please notice the following: "In order to get a good rendering of the MS TrueType Core Fonts, the BYTECODE_INTERPRETER setting should be enabled in freetype2. The freetype people do recommend not to use the bytecode interpreter anymore in favour of their auto hinting code but while it's true you will achieve good rendering with most of the free fonts, this is quite ugly for the MS TrueType Core Fonts." Also in 10.2 changing the hinting to medium forces the autohinter instead of the byte code interpreter, which could result in fonts that are blurry and smudged -- like pictured in your Windows example.

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