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dlublink 08-10-2009 11:45 AM

3 monitor setup w/ the 3rd monitor being plugged into a Windows XP box

Being a web developer, I have the unfortunate requirement to use Windows sometimes to test my websites. I usually work on Ubuntu 8.04 with a multi-monitor setup.

Is it possible to link my windows box and have it as the third monitor on my system so that I can simply move my mouse across to the windows box ?

Windows and stuff would not move between the machines, it would be simply the mouse and keyboard.

I am currently using a switch box, but wonder if there is not a 'cooler' way to do it.



GrapefruiTgirl 08-10-2009 12:28 PM

Yes, there IS a way. However, at the moment, I cannot remember the name of the software, nor do I recall if it's free.

It's a client/server concept, one each of which runs on the Win machine, and the Linux machine, and allows you not only to mouse across between computers, but lets you copy/paste and other neat stuff from one oto the other.

I'll dig through my bookmarks and see if I can locate the thing, and post back if you haven't come across it already.


GrapefruiTgirl 08-10-2009 12:31 PM

That's it :)
Good luck -- let us know if you try it, and if it works as expected!


i92guboj 08-10-2009 01:42 PM

Amazing, you never know what you will learn today. Thanks for sharing that one.

Chunky77 08-13-2009 01:45 AM

Synergy is AMAZING!!! I use it too!! It's absolutely the way to go! :)

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