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ellisf 08-24-2014 02:50 AM

What's going on, I can no longer access the Deepin forum website? Is Deepin defunct?
What on Earth is going on with Deepin. Over the past week the operating system has become more and more unstable. Today, I tried reinstalling it, and it is now worse than ever. As for so many other users, my Control Center is gone, gone, gone and I can't bring it back. If that weren't bad enough, it freezes and crashes constantly.

Tonight, I decided to check out the Deepin forum to see if there was any new information and my browser won't connect to it. Instead, I get my ISP's search page, which shows up when a website doesn't exist or isn't working.

Does anyone know what is happening? I have been very disappointed in Deepin. It started out working quite well and then got progressively worse over the next few weeks. At this point, it is basically unusable. With stable Ubuntu forks like Mint available, there is no reason at all to use Deepin, despite its having the best desktop approach of all. Being a good idea isn't enough -- it has to work. And it doesn't!

I posted a question on the English section of the Deepin Forum yesterday asking what has happened to Deepin. I was hoping to get some response/explanation from the Deepin team, but there was complete silence from them. A couple of other English-speaking users posted replies saying they are having the same problems that I'm having. But still not a word from Deepin itself. Then, late today I could no longer connect with the Deepin Forum or the Deepin main site. It's like they've closed up shop altogether.

I really hope the Deepin people can get things straightened out. They have a great approach, but the more they worked on it, the worse it got.

Does anyone have any information?

AlucardZero 08-24-2014 10:46 AM

Don't give us the link or anything ... works for me, you may have DNS issues

cxbii 08-26-2014 04:21 AM

Yes, our forum works well.

Deepin 2014.1 will be released on Wednesday, which will solve the problems you said.

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