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NickSethi 08-19-2019 12:48 PM

How to install multiple desktop environments -GNOME on Deepin 15.11
I would like to install gnome desktop environment on deepin. I am trying with the help of synaptic package manager but there are so many dependencies being broken so i am unable to install the shell and core of gnome.
Please help, How i can get the latest gnome desktop environment.
I want to use deepin Linux only as all the shortcuts and controls work well.
Please help on how I can install multiple desktop environments in deepin linux.

frankbell 08-19-2019 08:54 PM

If Synaptic list Gnome as an available package, then it's reasonable to expect Synaptic to resolve the dependencies, because that's what Synaptic does.

For diagnostic purposes, I'd suggest that you try to install the package from the command line with apt or apt-get, then note what error messages get thrown to the terminal window, then post the ones that seem relevant here.


sudo apt install [package name]

Please surround any terminal output with "code" tags which become available when you click the "Go Advanced" button beneath the compose post window.

ondoho 08-20-2019 03:21 AM

duplicate of

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