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techgeek2000 07-29-2004 07:08 PM

Which cert means the most to businesses?
I've been working on computer's for 5 years and have an A+ and MCP cert. Though no companies seem to have much interest in these certs...they all seem to want someone with an MCSE, Linux, Java, HPUN, UNIX, CCNA, etc...

It took me a while but I've realized to get anywhere I need at least the Linux cert...and from what I've heard in these forums it looks like it will be the RHCE that I'll work towards. Only two problems...will this actually help me get my foot in the door of a good company at a good pay, because I'm tired of working for less than $15 an hour, just like any other computer tech "that has real experience, and loves what they do" I'm worth a minimum of 3 times that amount...but have yet to find a company to give me a chance in this field.

The other question is...where can I take the test when I'm ready...I can't afford to take any classes and learn better on my own anyway, but I checked out and they don't have Red Hat listed as a cert. Where can I take the exam when I'm ready?

Also, I live in MI and am wondering what other state might give me a better chance with IT...I'm thinking of eventually moving to Seattle, Washington...but who know's. How is Canada on IT.

Please let me know, I feel as though I'm missing out on the IT party...I have the knowledge and experience, just not enough money for much more than cert books and the cert exams themselves.

Sorry about the whinning...I'm just feeling lost in the dark.


P. S.
I don't know any other "real geeks" besides myself where I live, so any advise or opinions, is greatly apreciated.

Vincent_Vega 07-29-2004 09:24 PM

It seems like either the RH or the LPI. If you visit either web page you should be able to find test locations. I know the LPI site has information on testing locations.
Good luck!

techgeek2000 07-31-2004 02:41 PM

To anyone that had read my post and to vincent that replied...just wanted to apologize for the way I came cross...especially since it was my first post. I've just been a bit frustrated lately (not to mention I was tired that night from doing cable intallation (I haven't been able to get an actual computer job...yet). I've been trying to find out why I hadn't been able to get a job in the computer field, and then this past Tuesday I recieved this email...maybe some of you have seen it. It's from Ziff Davis, the publication that does PC Mag,00.asp

Anyway it talks about how the Linux industry is growing rapidly and how a relatively new tech that have Linux experience can make a lot of money with the right cert. Which is one reason I was wondering which cert would be the best.

From what I've read it looks like the RHCE is the best one to go without...because it has so much recognition behind it, that and when I looked at job sites, when ever they mentioned a specific cert it was usually that one. The only problem is that it's $750 for the exam, with only about a dozen testing sites in the US, that's what I found on at least. Does any one know anywhere else you can take that test for less. LPI was around $100 but it doesn't seem as recognized...(please let me know if this is accurate or not).

Even before know, I've been wanting to learn Linux, but they only people I knew that were into Linux, didn't offer much help.

By the way can someone recommend a really good RHCE cert book, I would like to start studying as soon as possible.


HenchmenResourc 07-31-2004 02:51 PM

Here is a fairly good article that describes (briefly) the different certifications and what they offer, it also give a little bit of a job outlook for each certification.

techgeek2000 08-01-2004 03:06 PM

Believe it or not, that is the very article, that made me realize I had been missing out...with Linux that is. Where I live in Mi not very many people know anything about Linux, and I didn't even know where to look. But when I received the Ziff Davis was as though a light had turned on and I felt as though the final piece of the puzzle was in place...only down side...again is the RHCE test cost $750 and the closet places to me are in Ohio and Illinious. But until I am prepared for that...I've got to figure out what I'm going to do for a job now. I have a cable installation job, but it is almost so easy that I keep trying to hard...

Anyway thanks again for the info.

Vincent_Vega 08-01-2004 07:31 PM

My opinion - you'll want to get a computer related job asap. If that goes well you can have your employer put you through a certification class if you're lucky. If not, at least when you do pay for the course(s) and test you'll have some experience to back up your paper. I think both are equally important in one sense or another. And they both complement the other a great deal.

techgeek2000 08-01-2004 11:33 PM

I've been trying to get into a computer technical position for some time now...but not have real world experience doesn't help...and unforunetly where I live there is little to no entry level jobs in computers...they all want some when with years of real experience.

I have years of experience but seeing as how they are all on my own time, it doesn't help.

Vincent_Vega 08-02-2004 08:09 PM

I'm with you on that!! Makes you wonder how anyone got started in the first place! :) I guess try working whatever you can for next to nothing until someone recognizes that you're valuable. Fortunately, I have a good job as it is so I don't need to worry about it so much but I would like to scrap the current career and do something I would enjoy - Unix/Linux administration!

chrism01 08-24-2004 06:39 AM

A couple of things you can try include looking for a LUG (Linux User Group) in your area. for personal networking. Also, try talking to charities, they're usually short on money if you don't mind working cheap or even free to start with. You may be able to get at least a part time job with them, then impress them, go full-time and get some experience on your CV.

stevie_velvet 09-05-2004 10:46 AM

dump the tv, learn linux \ Solaris & windows, do a RHCE & MCP \ MCS ~ & most imporantly...leanr a aspect of any of Either OS that is IMPORTANT in business e.g. clustering is ESSENTIAL KNWOLEDGE when working for a Investmenat Bank

jterr02 09-07-2004 02:13 PM

Buy a cheap Sparc box off of ebay for 150 bucks or so. Install Solaris 2.7(7)

Get certified in that. 2 tests at 90 bucks a piece form what I recall.

Then upgrade to 2.8 (Solaris 8) and take the upgrade test for another 90- bucks.

Solaris is fairly similar to Linux and has a bigger enterprise presence IMHO.

Look at Solaris jobs being offered by recruiter slimeballs. They wont care much about your resume and will be glad to dress it up for you. A few 4 to 6 month stints of getting bent over by a recruiter and you will have soem real world experience to seek employment with a company on a salaried with benefits basis.

The computer industry suffered because entry level jobs were cut which in turn actually raised the salary of middling admins. If you can fight through the nonsense and constantly push yourself to find better pay and situation you can make out quite well but it is a Darwinian world in IT bro.

Best of Luck.

slimak 09-14-2004 06:53 AM

Re: Which cert means the most to businesses?

Originally posted by techgeek2000 less than $15 an hour
in poland helpdesk have 10zł an hour thats about 2$ so don't complain because we have lot work to do :p

jonlake 09-28-2004 10:05 AM


I'm with you on finding a job. It is hard in Michigan right now. All I can find are helpdesk jobs (which it sounds like you wouldn't mind at all). At least I'm employed, thats the only thing I can tell myself to be thankful for the job I have. In Michigan, your best bet would be to relocate to either Detroit area or Grand Rapids area. I'm in Grand Rapids and I'll admit, the jobs are very scarce here. I have A+, Network+, MCP, CCNA, and an Associates degree. I have the certifications, and I also have the skills to back them up and like I said, the only thing I can find right now are helpdesk jobs. I have had two jobs in the past year, both less than the $15 you had mentioned earlier. There is one thing I have learned though, no matter what job you have right now, do you best, you never know when a higher position will open up. A managers reference will go a long way.

I am probably going to start studying for the RHCE pretty soon. I have self studied for all my certs and haven't failed a single one (knock on wood). I was ready to take the LInux+, but then I got laid off and didn't have the extra money.

Also curios if you have started studying for the RHCE, what have you found to be the best study materials. I usually go with Sybex books, they seem to be the best written to me.


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