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logicalfuzz 11-16-2005 10:49 PM

Sys Admin Scenarios
Hi all,
i've been watching this section of LQ for quiet a while. There have been a lot of threads about mock tests, brain dumps... et al. And i agree with sundialsvcs and XavierP in this post. But sys admin aspirants like me dont know what the scenario in the campanies is like... what scenarios admins are offered to setup certain services? I know its not hard to think and come up with scenarios, but the vision may be limited due to zero industry exposure.
So this thread is a request to all mods, gurus, senior members, sys admins and members (well.. anybody who has something to contribute) , to submit some real life scenarios pertaining to system administration.
Things like, what was the scenario for you to comeup with a firewall solution using iptables? what were the things you had to keep in mind?
what were your requirements while setting up your apache server/DNS serer/sendmail server .... anything.
Something called 'problem statement' in noob jargon.


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