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DinoFly 03-24-2013 03:25 AM

RHCE, RHCI/RHCX or any *NIX certs?
I am RHCE since version 5 of RedHAT, have a few questions

1. Anyone has fresh info on how fast will RedHAT 7 be available?
2. I find difficult obtaining RHCI and RHCX since I live in South Eastern Europe and there are no training centers of RedHAT, is there any industry certifications similar to RedHAT so I switch to them, or is there any easy way to get access to Exams Train the Trainer RH209, and can I get them without having work contract to any RedHAT training centers? Donít want to take LPI exams they are so downgraded by TestKings and people taking them in that way, at least IMO.
3. Any easy to access certification on UNIX (this means anything I can get online or courses that are wide spread that I can easily reach up to highest level, no less knowledge needed), and preferably hands on lab exams?

I googled and find out that this year will RedHAT 7 be available, so I will have to recertify, but maybe you guys know more.
I also opened the thread here not on RH because of sharing info with community, so those who would answer "why not ask in RedHAT site?" not an option.

mike_rhce 03-24-2013 01:10 PM

From the chatter, one would think that RHEL 7 beta should have been out by now, based on Fedora 18. I've seen some RHEL 7 alpha based bugs floating around.

But Alan Cox had some choice words on Fedora 18, ref -- so I wonder if Red Hat is reassessing its plans.

FWIW, RHEL 6 beta was released in April of 2010, just under 3 years ago.

In the past, Red Hat has updated its exams some months after a new major version is released.

DinoFly 03-26-2013 01:34 PM

Great mike, what do you think should I stick with Red Hat and aim for RHCA or is there any certification same level as RHCA that is less expensive but that can not be prepared with TestKing.

Credentials doesn't matter but it is one of the ways to force myself on studying more. And for sure I cant effort to pay like 15-20k for exams only.

mike_rhce 03-26-2013 10:23 PM

Hi DinoFly,

If you want something at the RHCA level, Red Hat's offering is pretty unique, at least in the OS space.

DinoFly 03-27-2013 02:13 AM

Thanks a lot for the reply mike, I was looking for an alternative and looks I am not going to find it. I will leave this open for few more days, hoping someone will put me in any direction, than put it as solved.

sundialsvcs 04-04-2013 07:07 AM

I briefly looked at the TestKing site, and I can tell you right away that whoever wrote it is not a native English speaker.

I'll just say this: caveat emptor.

You can very, very easily be promised a fast-n-easy way to "pass a test," and the people who are pitching these things know that you are probably young, fairly-recently out of school, and that "school" is a place where "passing the test" is the only thing that matters. If you "pass the test," someone writes the letter "A" on your Report Card, which is "good." If you do not, they write the letter "F," which is "bad." As you know, it doesn't really matter whether you learned anything. :)

The "real world out there" is n-o-t so simple. Companies invest in computers to do something profitable with them, and your job, if you maintain those computers, is to keep them up-and-running all the time. This, like, say, "swimming," is something that you can't just read a book to learn how to do. It is a craft. Be an apprentice.

You need to get inside the company, so that you can work alongside other people who are doing the work and learn from them exactly what this company needs done. There's no "golden ticket" that will get you there. My first job was, literally, to tear paper off a printer and shove it through the appropriate slot. (There were no PCs yet.) I was happy, because I was on that side of the wall, and I've been "on that side of the wall" ever since.

Be humble, listen more than you speak, read books like crazy, and try not to screw anything up. Acknowledge freely that you don't know much yet, since everyone starts the same way. Soon, you will realize that you do know more than you did. You find that, when presented with a :eek: brand-new situation :eek: ... you either know what to do, or know how to find out. And that's what companies want to buy.

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