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k0balT 12-01-2005 07:39 PM

recommended books for cert??
I was at fry's today looking for a Linux for Dummies as I'm a newbie. Then I noticed some Linux certification book (for what, I dont know..VLC or something??)
The book seemed to walk right through from basics to more advanced stuff that I didnt understand, but it seemed like if I read the whole thing, I would be able to understand it (and maybe get a cert eh?)
I figured it would be better to ask here if there are "Official" books or any that people would recommend over others, as well as the different certifications themselves before I spend 50bucks on the first thing I see. I do not think a specialy cert would be right for me at this time (like security, programming, network admin) because I still dont have a good understanding of the system itself.

Thanks to whoever reads this!!

fouldsy 12-02-2005 04:37 AM

The Mcgraw-Hill Linux+ or O'Reilly LPI books are very good for certifications, but if you're just starting on with Linux, you'll need more than an understanding provided in the certifications books to get you going. Sure, you'd pass an exam, but more often than not struggle to do anything meaningful with a Linux system. They're a great way for structured study, but maybe look at something like a Linux for Dummies book first of all to get you up + running, utilising forums such as LQ and on-line docs + howtos, then look at certification if it's really something you want to do. Read a few other threads around here for examples on how having passed an exam doesn't mean you know your stuff ;)

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