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ALInux 12-22-2006 01:27 PM

My Linux+ Experience
Hi Guys I just passed Linux+ I got a 900/900 I did the exam in 30 mins unlike the CCNA exam you have the right to come back later to questions and review them. I had been a linux sysadmin for a year but my knowledge was all based on experience and I wanted to get certified and cover any gaps i might have. The linux+ was the thing to do, it made me twice the admin I was because it allowed to look at a lot of different aspect from diff perspectives. Concerning my studies I started out with sybex 3rd edition and tried to solve TK but when I noticed that there were to many questions not covered in sybex I also studied all the summaries and questions of the chapters of Linux InDepth 2005. Having done that I retook TK without facing questions in issues I did not study before. I also solved P4S and Crammaster.
Talking about the exam itself it was fair and easy, there were only a couple of questions that I had not seen before other than that I remember having either solved the same question or a similar one before. I starting preparing for the exam 2.5 months ago but I took a two week break in btw. So that would make it 2 months.
Good luck to the guys who are going to do it.

XavierP 12-22-2006 01:41 PM

Congrats on passing the test and being certified. Now you need to push for a pay rise... :D

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